Last Reason to Exercise is for Weight Loss


I exercise, move my body, stay active, whatever you want to call it for so many reasons, but weight loss is not one of them. Adding in more exercise is amazing but if you don’t adjust your eating and lifestyle habits along with becoming a more active person, then you’re only tackling a small piece of the puzzle. So if you dread exercise and only do it because you relate it to weight loss, think of the actual benefits you may feel, even in the moment, and find something you actually enjoy! It could be walking! Stretching! Anything! 

I am not a personal trainer but I have been in the wellness field and around fitness for a long time, and have been through the intense and unnecessary exercise routines too. But I can tell you now, that 5 min is better than nada. I used to be like well I don’t have an hour so what’s the point?! EVEN A FEW MINUTES OF SOMETHING, EVEN WALKING AROUND THE BLOCK, can change your entire mindset and outlook for the day, and then have a direct effect on the rest of your choices for the day, including your eating habits. An F-IT ATTITUDE creates more of an F-IT ATTITUDE. Well I didn’t exercise so I am eating it all today. Well instead of spending 10 minutes walking, I’ll start happy hour 10 minutes earlier. I get it. I am you. I do this sometimes too but most of the time, I get my tushy moving whether I want to or not, and the outcome is always the same. I am SOOOO glad I did that. I feel so much better. I am making a healthy dinner tonight. I am naturally yell at my kids less. I am just more positive naturally. 

Whatever movement does for you, I am pretty sure it fuels the healthy habit/attitude fire. So if you can carve a few minutes a day into your busy schedule instead of scrolling on Instagram (yes you can), then start today. Instead of putting pressure on yourself, start really small. It becomes part of your life like anything else but if you never start, or get back into it, you won’t find out.

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Laura Burak, MS, RD, CDN

Laura Burak

Hi, my name is Laura Burak and I am a registered dietitian, a foodie, a wannabe chef, a yogi and a mama in the Long Island suburbs outside NYC. I have been passionate about delicious, fresh food from an early age and began cooking healthier meals for my family when I was a teenager.

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