The Bubba Gump of How to Eat More Veggies (Not in Salad Form)  

Reality Bites

As the weather changes, you may not be feeling the salads or raw veggies as much. I’m certainly not! But guess what? There are so many other ways to incorporate veggies into your diet that have nothing to do with salad. I think you just need a few ideas so here we go. 

Throw them into your eggs, bake them into a lasagna or casserole, make hearty soups or top your pizza with them! Stuff into quesadillas and sandwiches or blend veggies like spinach and riced cauliflower into a smoothie. Roast, saute, stir fry, boil or use them raw in a crudite. Make fajitas or fried rice or bolognese sauces and just keep adding any veggies in your fridge or freezer. You can even cook and blend them into your kid’s tomato sauce or Mac and cheese and they might never detect them. The options are endless.

The recommendation to add more vegetables to your diet will never fade. They are the best bang for your nutrition buck in terms of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants for the least calories and frozen veggies are just as good so stock up. Veggies create volume in your meals and we don’t do puny meals over here.

Oh and just a reminder that if you’re trying to jump on the trendy “plant-based” diet train, that means actually having a diet heavy in plants (aka fruits and veggies), not Tofurky, Cauliflower Crackers and Beyond Burgers. Us dietitians have and always will be recommending a plant-based diet with lots of actual plant foods so nothing new here!

Laura Burak, MS, RD, CDN

Laura Burak

Hi, my name is Laura Burak and I am a registered dietitian, a foodie, a wannabe chef, a yogi and a mama in the Long Island suburbs outside NYC. I have been passionate about delicious, fresh food from an early age and began cooking healthier meals for my family when I was a teenager.

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