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Hey there, what’s up! Welcome to my GetNaked Nutrition blog.  This is technically my second blog because the first one I created was called Feeding Lola when I was a scared new mom almost 10 years ago and it somehow disappeared.  I guess you can say I was ahead of the times but now there is no evidence of those weekly writings so moving on.

 I will just go ahead and refer to this collection of my thoughts, tip and recipes as my first real blog, at 40 FREAKING years old.  For a seasoned registered dietitian nutritionist of 17+ years, let’s just say that becoming a tech-savy mompreneur has not been easy but as a wise woman once told me, everything is figure-out-able.  As in, if you eat, sleep, breathe and truly love it so much, you (as in me) will organically figure out how to do anything.

Forget about social media, the internet barely existed when I was in nutrition school.  While I may not be a 22-year-old influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, I have been emerged in nutrition and wellness for a long time, working with the best of the best in dozens of different gigs from world renowned hospitals to private practices to teaching graduate nutrition classes at NYU to writing for the James Beard Foundation.  Back then, you earned your stripes by good old-fashioned hard work, running around from one daytime job to your late afternoon job to your evening one, learning and growing with each hands-on experience.

Almost two decades later, it is so cool that my experiences and knowledge can be shared with you via this thing called the internet and social media platforms like Instagram and I realized recently that I LOVE IT.  I really really love it!  Does anyone feel like I am giving a speech right now?

I now have the ability to reach so many of you and hopefully provide encouragement to motivate you that no matter where you are in your life, you are completely capable of becoming the healthiest version of your badass self.

GetNaked Nuggets:



  • I am mama to three cuties (a sassy Tik-Toking daughter, a funny energetic son who may be the next Seinfeld, and a furry golden doodle pup named after a Grateful Dead song).

  • I opened Laura Burak Nutrition, a nutrition private practice and consulting business about 6 years ago, but I worked for other practices for 10 years before that.

  • I am somewhat of a food therapist. Unlike most dietitians, I have had a healthy relationship with food throughout my life and I know that you can too.  Most of my clients have been through the diet rollercoaster and feel completely overwhelmed and defeated when they first come to me.  My mission is to eventually teach them how to appreciate the health benefits and joy that food can and should have on their lives.

  • I went into nutrition at a young age because of food first. I am the ultimate foodie.  My therapy is throwing together healthy meals at home and experimenting with new recipes.

  • I will seek out and find the best coffee, avocado toast, pizza, pasta, or brownie wherever I am on my travels.

  • I am a published author of Slimdown with Smoothies, a collection of 100 original smoothie recipes that is on sale now. You don’t know how many times I have sat on the ground in a book store and flipped through recipe books for hours.  So I can’t wait until I walk into a Barnes and Noble and see my book on the shelves.  Bucket list moment!  My family told me they would never try another smoothie again, but like everything else, time heals and smoothies are back on rotation in my kitchen.



  • I self-publish e-books of my favorite EASY healthy recipes to show my audience how quick and simple preparing homemade food can really be. Food should not be complicated, ok?

  • I created the GetNaked Prep School and community this year to provide affordable nutrition education to anyone from anywhere.

  • I love the supermarket. I could walk through the aisles for hours.  My friends ask me to take them food shopping but that’s my quiet time!

  • Working with my favorite brands and companies is a foodie’s dream come true and I can’t wait to further embark on that area of my business this year.


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