Laura’s Adventures in Cauliflower Continue

Wow this world is weird. I wonder what else we can make into cauliflower?

1. Frozen rainbow 🌈 cauli for roasting or add to soups or casseroles or eggs.

2. Frozen mashed cauli. Heat and eat. Don’t be scared of the butter and cream. It’s still a healthy choice and so easy.

3. Frozen riced cauli stir fry. All of your veggies and seasonings are already in this one so just heat and eat! Add some protein like chicken, shrimp, tofu or eggs to it to make a complete meal.

4. Frozen straight up riced cauli. Add to soups, make into stir fry or fried rice, warm and use to make a pizza, or blend right into a smoothie! You will never know there’s frozen cauli in that delicious cup of sweet goodness. My smoothie book of 100 smoothies has a whole bunch of options with frozen cauli rice in it so trust me on this one.

5. Frozen cauli gnocchi. Well come on you know this one. And if you haven’t made these yet, don’t follow the directions on the bag. Throw them into a sprayed pan right from the bag and move around for at least 10 minutes until they’re cooked through. Add any sauce and enjoy! I also bake them in the oven sometimes so check out my recent recipe for truffled parm cauliflower gnocchi.

6. The last one is also riced cauliflower but it’s fresh not frozen. I wouldn’t recommend the fresh in a smoothie but it’s good for making homemade cauliflower pizzas, fried rice or stuffing into peppers or zucchini boats (or 85 other things).

Have a beautiful day cauli lovers! It’s cold here on the east coast what are you cooking up with cauli today?

Laura Burak, MS, RD, CDN

Laura Burak

Hi, my name is Laura Burak and I am a registered dietitian, a foodie, a wannabe chef, a yogi and a mama in the Long Island suburbs outside NYC. I have been passionate about delicious, fresh food from an early age and began cooking healthier meals for my family when I was a teenager.

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