Hey, I’m Laura and I love all things food, health and wellness!  But mostly food.

Forget about social media, the internet barely existed when I was in school studying nutrition!  While I may not be a 22-year-old influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, I have been emerged in nutrition and wellness for close to two decades, working with the best of the best in dozens of different gigs from world renowned hospitals to private practices to teaching graduate nutrition classes at NYU to writing for the James Beard Foundation. 

Back then, you earned your stripes by good old-fashioned hard work, running around from one daytime job to your late afternoon job to your evening one, learning and growing with each hands-on experience.

Now it is SO cool that my experiences and knowledge can be shared with you via this thing called the internet and social media platforms like Instagram and I realized recently that I LOVE IT.  I really really love it!  Does anyone feel like I am giving a speech right now?  I now have the ability to reach so many of you and provide encouragement to motivate you that no matter where you are in your life, you are completely capable of becoming the healthiest version of yourself.  

I am certainly not the nutritionist who will put you on a silly diet. I love all food!  Have I told you that already? Trendy and restrictive diets are band-aids, temporary fixes that don’t actually teach you about the basics of nutrition and what your mind and body need to change for the long-haul.    

Life is all about balance, including my approach to food. Because isn’t everything in life sweeter with some good chocolate and a glass of wine?!

A delicious smoothie a day helps keep unwanted pounds away, but now you can choose from 100 original creations! As a seasoned registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, I will teach you just how yummy and simple  blending up nutritious smoothies can be.

Slim Down with Smoothies starts you off right with easy-to-follow plans and recipes for dozens of fun and great-tasting smoothies inspired by people, places and things in my life. They are perfect for supplementing your daily meals by packing tons of nutrition into a cold frothy glass. Not only will my straightforward and supportive approach to healthy eating help you reach your weight loss goals, but it’ll also make you smile as you enjoy your smoothies!

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